Simple photographs can be a very powerful tools to unite peoples

When I was on a photo hunting @ China Town area - Singapore, luckily I saw this uncle lay down there, soon I grab my gear and get this shot
Another miniature effect collections of mine. It's the roof-top pool which was also taken from Orchard Central - Singapore
This was taken during the sunrise time @ Merlion Place. I always love this picture as it really shows the beauty of Singapore

When people think of Korea, they tend to speak up about kimchi, the famous Korean drama, Girl's Generation, country with good foods, fashionable folks, and the latest Samsung devices. Not to forget, Korea is rich-culture country with numbers of beautiful scenery, and famous for it's traditional Hanok houses where we also spent our times there.

Frankly speaking, on the beginning, it was a challenge to shoot them, as they felt a bit stuffy. Perhaps, it was the first time they took a free-n-easy photo session as such. Luckily, as the times went by, they were used to it, and we kinda clicked with their gestures. We managed to spot and captured their great chemistry on a frame, though. What a joy we had.

We believe as we were overseas, there's always room for unexpected things, things that were awkward, things that were absurd. Coincidentally, that day was Bams's birthday and we used this special celebration as part of their journey, which we felt memorable indeed.

Another unique experience we had, was the day when we run into Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju city. It was a long trip, and we arrived nicely at their closing time (6 PM). Instead of rushed towards ticket counter, we were happily spent times at a Sakura Garden when we spotted during our way up, and it was worth it (one of the reasons why we chose this temple among others). Probably, that day were our lucky day, the lady sold us the tickets and the guard permitted us to enter the temple, amidst other visitors who rushed home. By any chances, this could be our first time enjoying public premises as the only visitors. It is really a quiet and lovely temple, contrast from the chaotic and busy city like Seoul. As we really had fun there, plenty of beautiful images were captured, blended with the couple's souls that made them alive. We had hopped onto some other places to continue their loving journey. Here you go....

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