Simple photographs can be a very powerful tools to unite peoples

When I was on a photo hunting @ China Town area - Singapore, luckily I saw this uncle lay down there, soon I grab my gear and get this shot
Another miniature effect collections of mine. It's the roof-top pool which was also taken from Orchard Central - Singapore
This was taken during the sunrise time @ Merlion Place. I always love this picture as it really shows the beauty of Singapore

I think I will be next guy who will post another boring theme, another boring topic that many of you may have seen it, may have read it before in so many different spaces outside there...even maybe much better and beautiful then mine, please allow me for posting my next entry of Sunrise photos over Singapore Flyer.

The shoots here taken on Saturday morning (07 May 2011) from Merlion Place - Singapore. I arrived around 6.15 AM, and the ambience there still "nightlife", no sign on any sun shine, just shade cloud. So, at the first time I was really unsure whether the sun would really rise perfectly, or It would become another cloudy day. Luckily, the "d**n-big" effort I made for waking up so early, had been paid by these beautiful moments I managed to capture. Wanna peek some, here they are ....

6.25 AM

6.34 AM

6.41 AM

6.53 AM

7.10 AM
MBS Reflection

Singapore Flyer vs MBS Museum

Sunrise over Singapore Flyer

Shot from Esplanade Bridge

I used different white balance for different images, to fit the overall sun ambience across time (to compensate the blue highlight that usually happen in the morning time, Shade White Balance will be the right choice). Simple post-processing were done to adjust the brightness + contrast, to level the color balance and to improve the saturation, finally those will bring up the mood...Hope you like it guys, critics and comments are welcome...

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