Simple photographs can be a very powerful tools to unite peoples

When I was on a photo hunting @ China Town area - Singapore, luckily I saw this uncle lay down there, soon I grab my gear and get this shot
Another miniature effect collections of mine. It's the roof-top pool which was also taken from Orchard Central - Singapore
This was taken during the sunrise time @ Merlion Place. I always love this picture as it really shows the beauty of Singapore

It was Saturday morning (26 Mar 2011 @ 11 AM), where the ceremony began, led by Father William, one of the beloved and famous Father among Indonesian Catholic Community in Singapore. It's all about prayer, man, including what was happened that day. It was my friend's new house that he's been living for 28 days that day, with his loving wife and daughter-to-be, "Chelsea". The ceremony was perfect, the rooms properly blessed, the food was nice and the peoples were also communicative, indeed. Everything's perfect there, especially for the happy couples (David & Farika) who'll also become parents for their lovely 1st child. Congratulations for both of you. May God blesses your house, may it filled with joy and happiness together with your coming daughter.... Proficiat!

Father William

Farika - the loving wife

Peoples on ceremony

Happy couples

Kitchen Blessing

Child Room Blessing

Guest Room Blessing

Master Room Blessing

Living Room Blessing

Different perspective on Living Room Blessing

Mother & Child Blessing

Lay on couples' hands

Book of Ceremony

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