Simple photographs can be a very powerful tools to unite peoples

When I was on a photo hunting @ China Town area - Singapore, luckily I saw this uncle lay down there, soon I grab my gear and get this shot
Another miniature effect collections of mine. It's the roof-top pool which was also taken from Orchard Central - Singapore
This was taken during the sunrise time @ Merlion Place. I always love this picture as it really shows the beauty of Singapore

Abracadabra....the day had changed from cloudy saturday into the warm bright Sunday, where a boy celebrated his 5th year birthday together with his friends, relatives and beloved families. Finally, the world welcomed another growing boy and waiting for his contributions that we can proud of...way to go Alexis. Happy birthday from all of us, and always remember that life would not be the same without your smile, laugh, love, and support.

Props were perfectly prepared, food was undoubtly delicious, kids were enthusiastically joining the party, and the entertainer was really boost-up the atmosphere. It was a time to be remembered, indeed. Thanks for  Edith and Thierry, the lovely happy parents, who brought-up this celebration. The gesture of wishing someone Happy Birthday does not have to a grand, extreme gesture. A birthday truly is a day where the thought does count. While flowers, foods, candy and gifts will  be appreciated, but what you had done were really made  him know that he is loved and remembered, made him feel just as special as an elaborate party.

Thanks for all the kids and friends, and also Mathis, Alexis's beloved brother, who were also made the party lively. No doubt, the bouncy castle was a winner that day. Kids were love it, even adults were crazily shaked this giant balloon, tried to tumble it down. Everything's just way too good to be receded. Finally, lets peek some of the beautiful moments captured. Hope you like it guys!

Date/time: 08 May 2011 (10.30 AM - 14.30 PM)
Venue: Function Room/Pool-Side Savannah Condopark

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