Simple photographs can be a very powerful tools to unite peoples

When I was on a photo hunting @ China Town area - Singapore, luckily I saw this uncle lay down there, soon I grab my gear and get this shot
Another miniature effect collections of mine. It's the roof-top pool which was also taken from Orchard Central - Singapore
This was taken during the sunrise time @ Merlion Place. I always love this picture as it really shows the beauty of Singapore

Here comes my new collection from my last hunting on Bugis vicinity - Singapore. Not so many shoots I was taken, since that time was not really my hunting time, I was just accompany my wife went to the temple, and managed to steal a time to capture some moments there. That place really damn crowded on the weekend time. Sometimes it's good to catch the ambience of the happening place like Bugis, but sometimes it's a bit awkward situation being pushed/hit by surrounding peoples, especially when we are about to capture a photo, we end-up catch a blurry image.

Faithful Prayer

This guy really cool, man. He can write Chinese Calligraphy using his bare foot

LaSalle Art School

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